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Rock Hard 4x4 Winch Fairlead Light Mount

Rock Hard 4x4 Winch Fairlead Light Mount

$ 69.95

Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the easiest way to install add aftermarket lights to your winch fairlead.

Forward lighting is critical when off roading past sunset. Use our fairlead light mount to install your aftermarket lights in a safe, secure location.

How is ours different? You DO NOT need to unspool your winch cable/rope and remove your hook or other recovery device (Factor55 ProLink/FlatLink etc) to install our mount! Other manufacturers' fairlead light mounts require you to unspool your entire cable and remove your hook. Skip that step and be done with your install before your wife comes out into the garage and sees you bought something new!
Our single piece design means no hardware required! Our light mount "sandwiches" between your winch fairlead mount and your fairlead. Using your existing hardware means no need to go hardware shopping. Our fairlead light mount opening is enlarged to ensure no rubbing occurs when spooling or unspooling your cable / rope during recovery. Compatible with both roller fairleads and hawse style aluminum fairleads.

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