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JKS Jeep JK Rear Coil Spring Retainer

JKS Jeep JK Rear Coil Spring Retainer

$ 37.95

  • Retention disc captures bottom of coil spring to prevent unseating at full extension
  • Inexpensive solution to dangerous problem of losing a coil spring during vehicle operation
  • Allows use of extended length shock absorbers for increased suspension travel
  • Contoured design functions as landing pad for bump shocks fitted inside of coil spring
  • Easy bolt-on installation can be completed in just a few minutes
  • Also fits Wrangler JK right hand drive models.
  • Coil Spring Retainer; Rear; Captures lower pigtail on spring; Prevents unseating; Attaches directly to lower spring mount; Billet aluminum construction; Bolt-on; Pair.
  • Most lift kit manufacturers offer longer shock absorbers for your Jeep, but very few will warn you about the impact they have on spring retention. While longer shocks are likely to increase suspension travel, they can also allow the coil springs to become unseated from the axle. If you're lucky, you will only be faced with the challenge of reinstalling the coil spring in difficult conditions. If you're not so lucky, that dislodged coil spring could be the least of your concerns.

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