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JKS Jeep JK Lower Rear Shock Relocation Bracket

JKS Jeep JK Lower Rear Shock Relocation Bracket

$ 148.95

The new mounting brackets are made of ¼" steel and include a dual-shear shock mount and new sway bar link mount. Also integrated is a control arm mount skid plate. Installtion is bolt on and requires the removal of the factory axle shock mounts, sway bar link mounts and trimming of the control arm mount.

After installation, there is a gain of 2" in ground clearance. The shock mounts are moved up 2-1/4" from the factory position and the sway bar mount moves up 1-3/4".

Important Notes:

    Changing the lower shock position changes extension/compression limits of the suspension. Without making any additional adjustments the suspension would have more extension and less compression with the installation of this bracket kit. One or more of the following modifications will most likely be necessary:
  • Taller/relocated bump stops: These must be sufficient to avoid the shock bottoming out during compression.
  • Coil spring retainers: The factory rear coil spring mounts have no mechanical means of retaining the rear coil springs. The coils are retained by preload which is dictated by the shock length at full extension.
  • New shocks: Depending on the suspension setup and/or existing shock specs, it may necessary to replace the rear shocks with a set having extend/collapsed lengths more suited for the relocated mounts.
      The above situations will vary widely depending on suspension system and shocks installed.
    • Depending on the suspension system installed, sway bar link length may need to be modified/adjusted.
    • Trimming of the factory lower control arm mounts and removal of the factory shock and sway bar mounts is required.
    • May require extended brake lines or brake line relocation.
    • May not be compatible with some aftermarket sway bars.

Bolt On Installation; Black, Powder Coated Finish; Shock Mount Width 1.60"; Shock Bolt Diameter 12mm; Brackets Made From 3/16" Steel; Minor Drilling Required.


  • Relocates the shocks higher on the axle.
  • Integrated rear control arm skid plate
  • Brackets are powder coated in classic JKS black
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • This new kit relocates the rear shocks higher on the axle which allows trimming of the low-hanging factory mounts to maximize ground clearance.

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