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JKS Jeep Adjustable Front Bump Stop Spacer JK, TJ, LJ,XJ, MJ ZJ

JKS Jeep Adjustable Front Bump Stop Spacer JK, TJ, LJ,XJ, MJ ZJ

$ 121.95

  • Variable height landing pad spacer system ensures correct bump stop clearance for virtually any lift and tire combination
  • Three interlocking and interchangeable spacers
  • Allows proper setup of bump stops to prevent suspension from bottoming out
  • Easily compensates for vehicle changes, spring settling and sagging
  • Conveniently allows changes to bump stop clearance without removing coils from vehicle
  • Practical upgrade for inferior bump stop extensions and fixed-length designs
  • six possible lengths - 0.75/1.25/2.00/2.75/3.25/4.00 in.
  • Adjustable BumpStop; Front; Variable height landing pad spacer; Adjusts to 0.75/1.25/2.00/2.75/3.25/4.00 in.; Billet aluminum construction; Attaches directly to lower spring mount; Hardware included; Bolt-on; Pair.
  • While simple in appearance, bump stops are actually variable-rate springs that function as limiting devices for suspension compression. They are compressed between the chassis and axle under heavy impacts, effectively increasing the suspension spring rate and preventing expensive damage to the engine, fuel tank and chassis. Unfortunately, very few suspension kits address bump stops correctly as it simply isn't possible to suit every application with fixed-length designs due to individual vehicle variances.

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