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AI13 Plastic Race Nozzle with Narrow Nozzle Spout Adapter

AI13 Plastic Race Nozzle with Narrow Nozzle Spout Adapter

$ 34.85

The Ai13 Race Nozzle helps you transfer liquids quickly with zero waste. They are a quick, leak-free solution for refueling problems. The 14" flexible spout pours spill-free at any angle and can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °F. Recommended for rapid refueling devices with containers four gallons and larger. The sleek design of the Race Nozzle fits the Billet Aluminum VP Jug Cap & LC2 Jug Cap perfectly—no adjustments needed. *If you're needing it to fit into smaller spaces, you will need the Spout Adapter.

Ai13 Race Nozzles are designed for use at officially sanctioned, off-highway, motorsport competitions. Save time and money with Ai13 on your team! They can also replace any 3/4” NPT spout on VP, LC2, Sunoco, Tuff, Risk, Scribner, JEGS, and JAZ jugs. A Spout Adapter for smaller spaces is available here.

Time to throw away those slow nozzles that leak! Ai13 Race Universal Flex Nozzle includes:
• One 14" Race Universal Flex Nozzle (tip diameter measures 1.25" outside, 1" inside)
• One Identifier Cap—Standard and One Narrow Nozzle Adapter


All Ai13 aluminum parts are guaranteed for life. Please reach out and we'll get you taken care of! Until we invent plastic that lasts forever, all hoses carry a limited warranty of one (1) year. If your hose is more than a year old, we make ordering a piece of replacement hose easy, here.

We do not recommend modifying containers. If you’re trying to make something fit, we can help! Give us a call anytime at 801-203-0318.


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