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AI13 Plastic Race Nozzle Bundle

AI13 Plastic Race Nozzle Bundle

$ 139.95

We are proud to offer the ultimate kit with all items being made in the USA. The combo includes our Race Nozzle, Standard Cap, Spout Adapter, VP Vent Cap, and a VP Jug Cap.

Plastic Race Nozzle:

Our 14" flexible spout provides easy pour at any angle to the tank without spills and can withstand temperatures down to -40°.

The Race Nozzle is a rapid refueling device to be used on containers with capacities greater than or equal to four gallons. They are designed for use in officially sanctioned off-highway motorcycle competitions.

We do not recommend modifying any container from the way it was originally manufactured. MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT REMOVE ANY FLAME SAFETY DEVICES PROVIDED BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 qty - 14" Plastic Race Nozzle 
  • 1 qty - Identifier Cap - Standard
  • 1 qty - Spout Adapter
  • 1 qty - VP Vent Cap
  • 1 qty - VP Jug Cap

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