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TJM Heavy Duty Recovery Kit

TJM Heavy Duty Recovery Kit

$ 349.00 $ 349.99

TJM Heavy Duty Recovery Kit

Stuck on a slope or stuck in the mud, TJM can provide a lot more than sympathy. 4x4 Driving can be full of fun and adventure, but it's certainly not much fun when your adventure comes to an abrupt halt. At TJM we've "been there, done that" a thousand times, so we've come up with all the recovery gear you'll need
Tested to withstand the harsh conditions of the Rocky Mountains and Mojave Desert, this heavy duty kit exceeds even our high standards.

Featured Technology & Benefits

  • 11000kg snatch strap 75mm x 9m
  • 6000kg winch extension strap 60mm x 20m
  • 10000kg tree trunk protector 75mm x 5m
  • 8000kg snatch block
  • 19mm bow shackles x2
  • 16mm bow shackles x2
  • Heavy duty recovery gloves
  • Recovery blanket
  • Handy Carry Bag

Important Notes!

  • The TJM recovery jack comes with bag and jack keeper.


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