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Rock Hard 4x4 Jeep TJ / LJ, YJ, CJ Rear Bumper NO Tirer Carrier

Rock Hard 4x4 Jeep TJ / LJ, YJ, CJ Rear Bumper NO Tirer Carrier

$ 599.95

Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the strongest and most durable Rear Bumper for the Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ/LJ.

The RH4x4 Rear Bumper is one of our favorite products. Not only is it one of the only rear bumpers made out of 3/16" x 2" x 4" thick plate steel, it's also the easiest to install.
Our Rear Bumpers are full width to protect your vulnerable corner panels and tail gates. With end plates designed to provide maximum departure angle and clearance, our design prevents you from getting "hung up" on tough trails and sharp, off camber turns.
Strength and Function
Your rear bumper has the potential to take more abuse than any other body armor on your Jeep. Whether its on road traffic collisions or off road rock damage, you need some serious armor to keep you safe. 3/16" thick plate steel is the ultimate armor to protect your vulnerable rear corners, tailgate, and fuel tank. High clearance corners and a weather resistance finish make this rear bumper combo a no brainer.

Bumper weight: 55 lbs.
Bumper Width: 59"

Ease of Installation
It does not take a PhD to install the best rear bumper and tire carrier on the market. No welding is required and the truly bolt on design makes your garage your own off road shop.
RH4x4 Rear Bumpers are very recognizable for two major reasons: owners bragging about how durable it is and it's clean, functional design. What makes up a RH4x4 Rear Bumper is what makes it so strong.


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