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Rock Hard 4x4 Jeep JK Front Stubby Bumper w/ Lowered Winch Mount

Rock Hard 4x4 Jeep JK Front Stubby Bumper w/ Lowered Winch Mount

$ 589.95 $ 599.95

Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the heaviest duty and highest quality Grille Width front bumper for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2/4DR

Our grille width bumper line is our top of the line hardcore crawler armor upgrade. It looks as good as it performs and when you see one installed on a stranger's Jeep you want to walk over and touch it. Clean lines, exact fitment, and included features make it the undisputed leader in JK grille width width offerings.
Being a "lowered winch mount" also gives you unobstructed airflow to your grille and in this case also gives you a fog light delete. How much less? 30%! Our lowered winch frees up 30% more of your grille space compared to a "flush" top mounted winch plate.
Not all bumpers can tackle all trails. Sometimes it takes a narrower width, grille covering, high side clearance, 1/4" thick plate steel bumper to survive the toughest adventures. This is that bumper. It's the agile kid on the block with a look that's all it's own. Winch ready and installs in minutes - our grille width is a healthy does of bolt on high clearance armor.

Steel Bumper Weight: 99 lbs.

It's one thing to be Made in USA. It's another to be given the time, quality, and craftsmanship only RH4x4 offers. Each front bumper is laser cut from 1/4" thick steel to live up to it's lifetime guarantee and give you precise fitment. It's then bent and formed into it's shape, hand welded, and ground down for a look no other manufacturer (overseas or domestic) can offer. Each bumper is then powder coated in house, by hand, individually - so every nook and cranny is protected. The inner structure is a geometry test of gussets and support. We sleep soundly at night knowing RH4x4 customers can play off road, winch recover, tow, and do-all with our armor installed, then rinse and repeat.
Our bumper is more than a plate of steel, it's a fully loaded road armor upgrade bolted to the front of your Jeep. With standard included upgrades like laser cut Hi-Lift jack recovery points, double welded recovery shackle tabs, light mounting tabs, pre-drilled winch mounting holes, and straight to the frame horn mounting - our bumpers scream Premium. Maybe that's why they are such head turners. When you see a RH4x4 front bumper on the trail - you just get it.
This bumper uniquely positions your winch between your frame rails, not flush or standard (high) mount. This keeps virtually all winches compatible with our bumper with only minor trimming required for even the largest winches like the Warn PowerPlant.
Ease of Installation
It's been known to take longer to uninstall your OEM front bumper than it takes to install our front bumper. This is achieved through our unique "DTF" or Direct-to-Frame mounting method. This gives us not only a precise mounting location to your frame horns it also makes for the most secure way to mount your bumper. Plus, unlike overseas produced bumpers with a "one size misfits all" approach, we don't cut any corners when it comes to one of the most important upgrades you can add to your Jeep.
RH4x4 Front Bumpers are very recognizable for two major reasons: owners bragging about how strong it is and it's innovative features that come standard. What makes up a RH4x4 bumper is what makes them so strong.

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