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Recovery Tow Straps - 2"x20' to 6"x30'

Recovery Tow Straps - 2"x20' to 6"x30'

$ 26.99

Designed for off-road vehicles. The elastic properties of the nylon web frees stuck vehicles without breaking your neck and without the use of dangerous hooks, chaines, or cables. We are so confident in the quality of these straps that they are guaranteed for life against breakage. If you snap one of these straps, return it with the original purchase receipt and we will replace it!

Featured Technology & Benefits

  • Recovery Strap Breaking Strengths:
  • 2" - 20,000 lb
  • 3" - 27,000 lb
  • 4" - 36,000 lb
  • 6" - 54,000 lb

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