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JKS Jeep TJ SwitchBlade Swaybar System

JKS Jeep TJ SwitchBlade Swaybar System

$ 995.00

SwitchBlade Front Sway Bar System offers variable rates - five resistance levels; Mounts through tubular front cross member — cross member must be intact and free of damage; End links attach to front axle housing; Includes torsion bar and end links; Bolt-on; Kit.

The front swaybar just may be the most underutilized suspension component on your Jeep. If you've ever disconnected yours, you already know how much it can impact vehicle performance both on- and off-road.

But you might be surprised to learn that disabling the anti-sway bar does not always provide maximum off-road performance. In fact, your Jeep will often perform best when the front and rear anti-sway bars are connected and working together harmoniously.

The secret to optimum performance is to match anti-sway bar resistance to the driving environment by controlling front roll stiffness. Only then can you reap the benefits of a balanced suspension and take advantage of performance gains you never knew existed.


  • Instantly select from five unique resistance levels to suit any speed, terrain and vehicle
  • Spring loaded indexing heads allow immediate performance adjustments without using any tools
  • Unique flexible blade arm design and polished indexing heads enhance vehicle appearance and make a striking impression everywhere you go
  • Self-contained engagement mechanism is protected from mud, dirt and snow for consistent and dependable operation every time
  • Adjustable end links accommodate ride height variations and enable tuning of swaybar angle
  • Silent Select technology eliminates mechanical backlash from the engagement mechanism for quiet operation and seamless vehicle integration

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