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JKS Jeep TJ / LJ  2 Inch Lift Kit

JKS Jeep TJ / LJ 2 Inch Lift Kit

$ 1,011.70

Now TJ owners can enjoy the benefits of a complete JSPEC suspension system outfitted with the most popular JKS suspension components.  This is the most complete 2” lift system available on the market today.  Why buy a base kit and continue to add parts when you can get it all in a complete system?

The JSPEC 2” TJ system starts with dual rate front and rear coil springs.  These help support a tune dual-purpose function of the TJ by providing great ride and handling on and offroad.  Because of the dual-rate spring design, adding in gear for a weekend adventure won’t require you to sacrifice ride, comfort or control.

To manage the new coil spring movement in the rough stuff, specifically tuned JSpec shocks are included.  These gas-charged shocks are valved exclusively for the TJ and work great on an all-purpose rig that sees just as much off-road time as on-road.

JKS is known the world over for high quality, heavy duty track bars and as the originator of the sway bar disconnect link.  It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that no JSpec system would be complete without these components.

The front JKS adjustable track bar is an industry go-to as a strength upgrade to the factory bar.  The adjustability allows for centering the front axle after adding the 2” lift springs.  The high-misalignment frame joint is greaseable, rebuildable, and dwarfs the factory ball joint end in both size and strength.

Also included in the new JSpec 2” TJ system is a pair of front Quicker Sway Bar Disconnects.  The adjustable design of the Quicker Disconnects allow fine tuning of the sway bar position as well as flexibility if you ever decide to bump the lift height up or down.  The flex ball ends are greaseable, allowing for squeak free and bind free operation.  Disconnecting the sway bar links allows for maximum articulation of the 2” JSpec system.

In addition to the new front adjustable track bar and sway bar disconnects, the front system includes brake line relocation and lower control arm alignment eccentrics bolts.  The brake line brackets bolt directly to the factory mount position using factory style locating tabs.  The brackets relocate the front lines just enough to ensure they have adequate slack with the added suspension droop provided by the new lift system.  The included lower control arm alignment bolts completely replace the factory hardware and allow for fine-tuning of the caster settings.

In the rear, in addition to the dual rate coils and new shocks, a rear track bar bracket is included to center the axle.  The new bracket bolts directly to the original axle mount and only requires a couple of small holes to be drilled for installation.  The bracket properly adjusts the rear roll center height and keeps the track bar flat, which helps eliminate any unwanted lateral motion in the rear when hitting bumps. Bump stop extensions are also included to provide necessary clearance at full suspension compression.


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