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JKS Jeep TJ / LJ Adjustable Rear End Links

JKS Jeep TJ / LJ Adjustable Rear End Links

$ 79.95

Adjustable Rear Swaybar End Link for Jeep Wrangler TJ; Extended length swaybar end link; Set-to-length; Attaches to sway bar and axle housing; Bolt-on; Pair.

A common misconception among Jeep owners is that the rear swaybar is unnecessary off-road and should be removed. This is not true however, as the rear swaybar is small and flexible enough to allow plenty of suspension articulation.

More importantly, removal of the rear swaybar may sacrifice your Jeep's stability and safety at highway speeds. This may seem insignificant to those who never drive their vehicles on the road. But to the rest of us who rely on our Jeeps for transportation to and from the trail, the importance of the rear swaybar cannot be ignored.


  • Correct swaybar geometry on lifted vehicles and improve suspension performance on- and off-road
  • Highly responsive bushings reduce loss of motion between chassis and suspension for improved handling
  • Prevents swaybar from contacting axle housing at full suspension droop
  • Variable length design allows you to accurately set swaybar operating angle
  • Special zinc plating applied for corrosion resistance and long lasting protection

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