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JKS Jeep TJ / LJ 1.25 Inch Body Lift

JKS Jeep TJ / LJ 1.25 Inch Body Lift

$ 143.95

  • Premium grade body lift kit provides 1.25 in. additional tire clearance without affecting spring rate or suspension geometry.
  • Raises vehicle body relative to chassis and drivetrain for minimal effect on center of gravity.
  • Vehicle specific design ensures proper fitment and safe, dependable operation.
  • Dura-Thane poly spacers encapsulate OE body mounts for ultra secure installation.
  • Includes soft urethane grill supports to prevent it from cracking under stress.
  • Easy to install kit includes all hardware necessary for each application.
  • Requires no modifications to fuel tank, air conditioning, radiator, or brakes, unlike other lift kits.
  • B1 Body Lift; Formed urethane spacer system; Raises body 1.25 in. on chassis; Fits between vehicle body and OE body mount; Includes grill supports; Bolt-on; Kit.
  • As opposed to raising the vehicle chassis in relation to the axles, a body lift consists of puck-shaped spacers that raise the vehicle body in relation to the chassis. Because the suspension is not altered, a body lift does not affect spring rate or suspension geometry. Furthermore, its effect on the vehicles center of gravity is minimal since the chassis and drivetrain height remain unchanged. Unfortunately, there are many body lifts on the market that are poorly designed and unsafe for off-road use. Consumers should be aware that inferior body lifts can fail when exposed to harsh off-road conditions, which may leave the vehicle immobilized.

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