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JKS Jeep JK Rear Adjustable Spring Correction Mount

JKS Jeep JK Rear Adjustable Spring Correction Mount

$ 191.95

  • Replacement spring mount allows realignment of coil spring position on axle housing
  • Adjustable design compensates for axle housing rotation to ensure proper alignment with upper spring mount
  • Prevents coil springs from bowing outward as suspension compresses and eliminates interference with track bar
  • High-torque U-bolt installation offers exceptional clamping strength with no welding required
  • Compatible with Coil Spring Retainers and Rear Trackbar Brace available separately from JKS.
  • Adjustable Spring Mount; Rear; Replacement for OE lower coil spring pad on axle; Position adjustable; Heavy gauge steel construction; Powdercoated; Zinc plated; Bolt-on; Pair.
  • As more and more Jeep owners discover the advantages of a CV rear driveshaft on Wrangler JK models, they are also encountering a few complications along the way. One of the most common and difficult to address is the impact that a rotated axle housing has on the rear coil springs. When the axle housing is rotated, so are the lower spring mounts. And when the upper and lower spring mounts are out of alignment, the coil springs buckle and bow unnaturally. On JK models this forces the passenger side coil spring into the rear track bar, creating a serious problem that will eventually cause at least one of these two vital components to fail.

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