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JKS Jeep JK JSPEC Advanced Geometry Upgrade Kit

JKS Jeep JK JSPEC Advanced Geometry Upgrade Kit

$ 529.95

This new upgrade kit features both a new drag link flip system and the popular JKS6200 control arm relocation bracket system all in one kit.  This upgrade kit is designed to work with JK lift systems of 2.5-5” of lift.

The drag link flip system is actually comprised of 2 main components.
First, the new drag link directly replaces the factory link and uses the factory adjusting collar and tie rod end at the pitman arm.  This installation requires drill out the steering arm tapered hole in the passenger’s side knuckle and installing a precision machined tapered insert.  The insert has a knurled outer surface and has a slight interference fit making it extremely strong and eliminates any possibility of play or loosen.  The insert can also be reused in the opposite position if the Jeep ever needed to be returned to the original steering setup.
The drag link flip flattens out the steering angles when combined with the lift heights mentioned and provides better, more solid steering feel over the factory setup.  To properly compliment the new steering angles provided by the drag link flip, a front track bar bracket is supplied that mounts to the factory track bar axle mount.  This new bracket not only adapts the factory mount for proper track bar angles, it also strengthens the factory setup by tying into the axle via a u-bolt setup integrated into the design.  The new track bar location mimics the drag link angle perfectly and eliminates bump steer.
In order to accommodate these 2 new components, 3” tall front aluminum bump stop extensions are included to provide the proper clearance at full bump.
The combination of these brackets with the high steering components create an amazing handling package.

The Control Arm Brackets:

  • Reduced control arm angles allow the front suspension to more naturally roll over bumps and grooves in the road.  Forces are better directed into the coil springs and shocks where they can be absorbed and controlled versus into the control arms and frame where they are felt more and create a less controlled handling feel (rough ride).
  • Corrects caster for 2”-4.5” of lift.  The new upper and lower control arm mounting holes are precisely positioned to provide the correct caster at the listed lift heights.  The upper control arm mount provides two hole positions for proper caster settings through the full lift height range.  The proper mounting locations for the installed lift heights are outlined in the installation instructions.
  • Improves the front drive shaft CV joint operating angles through full wheel travel.  On 2012-2014 JK models, the new geometry increases clearance between the front driveshaft and exhaust at full suspension droop.
  • Brackets are made from heavy-duty 7GA steel and are fully boxed and welded for superior strength when compared to bolt together 2-piece designs.  The brackets install inside the factory upper and lower control arm mounts with the factory hardware.  The heavy boxed construction, fully gusseted lower mount and welded crush sleeves give you extra confidence both on and off road.
  • The Control Arm Correction Brackets can be used with JKS adjustable control arms for the ultimate on and off road performance.

This upgrade kit can be used with several different lift systems setups.  There are a few items that are required for proper fit and function of this kit in combination with other systems.

  • Must use factory pitman arm
  • Cannot be combined with other track bar relocation systems, although most popular adjustable track bars are ok.
  • Must maintain a minimum of 3” worth of bump stop extension over factory.

This system will work with either the 2.5 or 3.5” JSpec systems.  The 2” JSpec front bump stops will need to be replaced with the 3” provided in the Upgrade Kit.



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