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Hi-Lift 60" X-TREME Jack

Hi-Lift 60" X-TREME Jack

$ 104.99 $ 109.99

The Hi-Lift X-TREME is for the serious Hi-Lift user, offering the "top of the line" all-cast version (48" or 60" sizes) with special features that include, charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, and a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment.
Charcoal Metallic Powder-Coat Finish provides a truly unique look that separates it from the standard Hi-Lift.
Gold Zinc-Coat Hardware ensures the greatest rust resistance from extreme use for all the hardware, the unique winch-clamp-spreader attachment, and the handle.
Unique Winch-Clamp-Spreader Attachment replaces the clamp-clevis of standard Hi-Lift.

Featured Technology & Benefits

  • Winch, clamp, or spread up to 5,000 lbs.
  • One position for all winching, clamping, and spreading positions.
  • All-cast
  • Charcoal metallic powder-coat finish
  • Gold zinc-coated hardware and handle
  • Special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment


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