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GenRight Jeep CJ 15 Gal EXT Gas Tank

GenRight Jeep CJ 15 Gal EXT Gas Tank

$ 1,699.99

This is the GenRight Crawler™ EXT Gas Tank to fit a Jeep CJ-7. It is specifically designed to allow the rear axle to be moved back up to 5" (4" on Dana 60) to stretch the Jeep's wheelbase for greater stability on big tires.

This new tank will accept the factory CJ fuel pick and sending unit BUT it was designed to accept the factory Jeep YJ in-tank fuel module which is better for those guys who have converted their Jeep over to fuel injection! Each tank is supplied with a blank adaptor plate for those guys who want to continue running the factory fuel pick up/sending unit.


  • Each tank is made from 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy and includes a matching heavy duty 3/16" thick skid plate.
  • Internal baffles reduce fuel movement and keep fuel near the pick up
  • 1" more ground clearance
  • 15 gallon fuel capacity (but with careful filling we got one more gallon in)
  • The CJ Crawler fuel tanks are designed to accept the factory CJ or YJ type fuel sender/module.
  • All tanks are 100% pressure tested.
  • Patent Pending.


  • Because of shape and location changes, installation of this product may require changes to the exhaust tail pipe.
  • If you will be using the factory YJ fuel module/pick up you will need to lengthen the unit 1" to reach the bottom of the tank.
  • We also offer a larger capacity 20 gallon gas tank for the Jeep CJ-7.
  • The YJ sending unit is not compatible with the factory CJ fuel gauge in the stock CJ speedometer, BUT it is compatible with all aftermarket fuel gauges!


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