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More About JSPEC Suspension Systems

JSPEC™ Suspension Systems

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JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS products deliver American Ingenuity and Workmanship to consumers without compromising performance or dependability. JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS are comprised of JKS Manufacturing components, the best and most trusted Jeep® accessories in the industry.

JKS Manufacturing is no stranger to Jeep® suspensions. With 25 years in the business, we have been engineering high qualityJeep® solutions since 1989 with the development of the original swaybar disconnect, a simple yet innovative solution to improving offroad capability by increasing wheel travel. Over the years the goal hasn't changed as JKS's team of engineers and enthusiasts continue to develop components to improve the performance and capability of Jeep® vehicles introducing some of the worlds most widely used and respected products. To this day, JKS components are being utilized throughout the industry as a top-quality supplementary solution to many of the inherent flaws with other suspension systems in the goal to improve the performance, handling, and offroad capability. The quality and adaptability have made JKS a premier choice among Jeep® owners.

The trial-and-error process of choosing individual components can be incredibly frustrating and far more expensive than selecting the right parts from the beginning. JKS Manufacturing set out to develop a full line of suspension systems, reinventing the idea of incomplete pieced together component kits and developing complete, easy to install systems. After many years of development, testing and fine-tuning, JKS Manufacturing is proud to announce the release of the JSPEC™ Suspension line, offering true dual purpose suspension solutions engineered to provide premium on road comfort with unrivaled offroad capability.

JSPEC™ Suspension launches with 2.5'' and 3.5'' systems designed specifically for 2007-2015 Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JKs. Systems are ready to install right out of the box and feature detailed step-by-step instructions along with video tutorials to guide you through the process. Each package can be further customized to suit your individual performance requirements with optional accessories designed by JKS for JSPEC™. Every JSPEC™ Suspension package delivers exceptional value and is backed by American quality, workmanship and the JKS Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Each JSPEC™ Suspension system is designed with you in mind with top quality components working together in unison for exceptional performance on any terrain.

Specifically Jeep®

The JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS represents Jeep®-specific engineering at its best. With more than 60 years of combined experience centered around this iconic 4WD legend, our expert team of industry specialists understand the Jeep® lifestyle inside and out.

American Made

Made in USA

While many of our competitors are having their products produced overseas, we remain committed to manufacturing and assembling every JSPEC™ Suspension product here at home. When we say that JSPEC™ Suspension products are "Made in USA", that is exactly what we mean.

JSPEC™ System Features

  • Front and Rear Dual Rate Coils Springs
  • JSPEC Custom Valved Gas Charged Shocks
  • JKS Front Adjustable Trackbar
  • JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects
  • JKS J-Link & J-Flex Control Arms
  • Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket
  • Front/Rear Bump Stop Extensions
  • Rear Extended Sway Bar Links
  • Front Brake Line Relocation
  • Superior Handling Both On And Offroad
  • Full Color Easy to Follow Instructions

JSPEC™ Suspension is Simply Superior


Right from the start, every JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS product is designed for trouble-free operation and dependable performance. We strive for elegant simplicity because unexpected complications can quickly turn any adventure into a disaster.


JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS products are always developed to enhance the Jeep® ownership experience. Our customers rely on their vehicles for so much more than off-road performance and we guarantee our products to excel in all environments.

Front and Rear Dual Rate Coil Springs

At the heart of any true Jeep® suspension system are properly designed coil springs. Not everyone uses their Jeep® for the same purposes, therefore you need a system that adapts to different terrains both on and offroad. By developing tuned sets of dual rate coils springs, JSPEC™ coils provide the best performance in any situation. Whether loaded down with gear for a weeklong expedition, running light for some rock-crawling fun or loaded with a few friends for a trip to the beach, JSPEC™ coils will provide the ride you want and the performance you need.

JSpec Front and Rear Shocks

A great set of coil springs are useless unless you have a set of shocks to control them. When looking at the TJ market, we wanted to be able to provide a shock that capitalizes on the JSpec spring’s ride characteristics without breaking the bank, so we created the JSpec Gas shocks. The JSpec shocks are valved specifically to work with the JSpec dual rate springs, giving maximum performance in the widest variety of terrains.

For the ultimate in handling and control, check out the Fox 2.0 Performance Series upgrade!

JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar

When you think of adjustable Jeep track bars you think JKS. For years, Jeepers the world over have trusted JKS adjustable track bars for their strength, fit, function and durability. For those reasons it is a "no-brainer" that a JKS front adjustable track bar be an integral part of the JSpec TJ suspension systems. The adjustable track bar dwarfs the factory component, offering fine adjustability of the front axle position to compensate for the additional lift height provided by the JSpec coil springs. Factory style rubber bushings are used at the axle end of the bar for quiet and compliant function and our own spherical misalignment joint on the frame side for the best combination street ride and off road performance. The 1-1/4"-12 threaded adjustable end provides fine-tune adjustability and superior strength when combined with the 1-1/2" x 1/2" wall DOM tube, CNC formed track bar. Adding an adjustable track bar versus a relocation bracket also keeps the TJ’s steering angles in-phase to provide great handling and keep bump steer in check.

JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects & Rear Sway Bar Links

The flag-ship JKS Manufacturing product is the Quicker Disconnect. JKS was the originator of the sway bar disconnect concept. That original concept was perfected with the Quicker Disconnect design which still remains the best sway bar disconnect on the market today. Adjustable length and greasable with JKS-exclusive poly-flex ball, high-misalignment ends, the Quicker Disconnect is everything you want in a sway bar disconnect. Stainless steel mounting studs provide an anchoring point for each end of the links and allow for easy removal and installation.

JKS supplies fixed rear sway bar links to correct rear sway bar angle.

Front Brake Line Relocation

How much can you say about brake line relocation? Well, it is a necessity anytime a TJ is lifted, especially with longer travel shocks. In most kits on the market these items are an after-thought but not in the JSpec kits. The JKS brake line brackets included in the TJ JSpec suspension systems utilize the factory brake line mounting holes and locating tabs. This ensures that the brackets won't rotate and eventually come loose. The brackets were designed specifically to work with the shock lengths used with each JSPEC Suspension System. The result is just enough length at full axle droop with minimal modifications to the factory routing. And just as a reminder of where you they came from, the rear brackets get treated the famous 'JKS' oval logo sticker.

Rear Track Bar Bracket

As with the front suspension, the rear requires modification to the factory track bar setup to compensate for the new ride height. While the front gets a new track bar, the rear is treated with a track bar relocation bracket. By raising the track bar mount position at the axle we flatten the track bar angle and make a slight adjustment to the roll-center height which helps with handling and body roll.

Front & Rear Bump Stop Extensions

The front and rear bump stop extensions, like brake line relocation brackets, are another component set that usually doesn't get much attention with most lift "kits" on the market. The bump stop extensions in the TJ JSpec suspension systems were made specifically to maximize suspension travel while maintaining save compression limits for both the coil springs and shocks.

JKS Control Arms

When lifting a TJ over 2” a proper suspension system must provide control arms to make it right for a couple of reasons. First, while they work well, the TJ lower control arms cannot handle extreme abuse, especially in the front. Second, they’re extremely short and don’t give you much room to adjust your caster and axle alignment, even with eccentric alignment bolts. That’s why we include a pair of our robust J Link front lower control arms. Their 2” x .250” construction is nearly indestructible, and high quality Clevite® rubber bushings provide great flex while maintaining OEM street manners. Upgrade to matching J Link rear lower control arms for the ultimate, off road ready set up!

A proper 3” system also requires adjustable rear upper control arms so we include our J Flex rear upper control arms in the 3” TJ JSpec system. Adjustable arms allow fine tuning of caster and axle placement to eliminate driveline vibrations. Utilizing the same high quality construction of our J Link lowers, the J Flex arms are finished off with our adjustable, Forged Flex ends for the ultimate in strength, adjustability and flex!